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Changing of the color

Good progress is being made, and I’ve reached the 35th row and so the Burgundy will be introduced and dance with my hook for 3 rows.

The color is off on the camera phone, this is not peach, but a rosey pink.I believe there is another 12 rows more to go, and of course trying it on to make sure it is long enough, it should measure from fingertip to fingertip.


Living & Learning

Howdy! Well this is the continuing saga of the Claire Shawl, a do over, not frogged. Only because I wasn’t sure that what I was changing would work out for me, I kept the first one as is. Since I had more than one skein of yarn why frog at this time. I’m just fickle enough to change my mind. We all have our favorite crochet hooks don’t we? I have a bag full of them, and use the same one for everything, and we talked about tension in the last post.

For this project the tutorial stated they used a 7mm hook. In EU , it’s mm, here in the US we have mm on our hooks as well as a letter. My favorite is a G 4.50mm. Like the 3 bears to small. I jumped way up to a K hook, I wonder how long I’ve had that ? It is a larger hook, seems clunky and awkward, but it actually is the correct hook for the pattern.

Outlander shawl in progress
4.5 HOOK g

Looks different than with a size 4.5 hook. It’s a big ol clunky hook, but this is what the patterns calls for. I made special effort to get the proper yarn DK Special from Lovecrafts so my pattern would turn out, so I must use the correct hook size as well. I prefer the tighter weave with the G. Sometimes I need to get out of my box and try something new.

I was able to find out more about hook sizes and conversions https://midwesternmoms.com/category/crochet/ which I found very helpful.

I always like to end with a picture, sometimes it is crochet, sometimes not. Today’s photo is a pattern/design of mine which you can find in my Ravelry Shoppe.

Crochet Pattern Mini Fall Vignette, can be found in my Ravelry Shop

~The Joy is in the making~

Claire Shawl Update

It’s coming along, I like the colorway very much and think it will be lovely when it is done. A little confusion with hook size, which I think I chose the right one for me. The pattern called for a 7mm crochet hook, which I believe is UE. I googled what size a 7mm hook would be in the conversion for US, and it came out to a 4.5 mm G hook which I am using. It is my favorite size hook when working with yarn. Tension comes in to play when you crochet, some folks have very tight tension, and others is loose, I tend to crochet loose and more often than not will not work a pattern with hook required. If I use to large of a hook, my stitches look sloppy and uneven. Crochet makes such a good friend because it is so forgiving, and lets you just roll with it.


I’ve made more than a few shawls in my time, most donated to the Ladies Guild to distribute as they see fit. This is the first Claire Shawl and it is for myself. Here is a sampling of a few.

A little yarn delivery

Always makes my day. I do have yarn in my Tinker box, but there is something about a fresh skein of yarn & a project which holds promise that does my body,mind & spirit some good.

Special Dk yarn from Stylecraft, I got these at Lovecrafts. The colorways are Burgundy & Pale Rose

And so I’ve begun my project, such a joyful thing to do.

First few rows look pretty good.

I love being productive & creating, it makes me sad and I get ansy when I have a “yarning” to crochet and don’t have a pattern, or an idea to create a design. I’m happiest when my hook is busy.


Have you ever?

I’m sure you have. What am I talking about you say? Have you ever just found yourself wanting very much to crochet something? But everything you pick up just isn’t working for you, at that moment? Everything has a season, and I suppose that it is no different when you are doing any type of creating or crafting. It happens doesn’t it, it I thinks helps us to settle down, and consider carefully what we are doing so that it has intention.

So last night I frogged what I had started, and rolled the yarn up into a nice neat ball, to play another day. I don’t like alot of going ons, and project and yarn & such. I’m pretty simple in how I go about things. I as I have said before am one trick pony.

I saw something which I liked, and have considered making it, but putting off purchasing yarn until I was sure. I only purchase when I need it. I am following the pattern exactly as far as the type of yarn required, I have found substitutions don’t always provide the results expected. I needed DK Special, and I found it at LoveCrafts, I ordered it yesterday and it has already shipped. I did change the colors, as brown is not a color I wear well. So it will be Dusky Pink ( I think that is the name) & Burgundy, both of which are in my wheelhouse.

The pattern was designed by Anja at Ophelia Talks, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKfGtkrBKVU it is the Clair Shawl as seen in Outlander. I have never watched the program, but the shawl is lovely. So I am going to give it a go.

In the meantime while I am waiting for the yarn, I have a idea for a design, I’m going to begin that today. It will be a little stashbuster project.

Thanks for stopping over, I appreciate the visit.

Anybody seen Crojo?

In a crochet pattern funk, ever get into one of those? I have yarn and hooks, but for the life of me, am stuck in the middle of a crochet fuddle. I am a one trick pony, cannot do more than one project at a time. I’d love to design something, just not feeling it. I am working on a pattern for a crochet scoodie, ( not my pattern). We’ll see how that turns out, and if it does I’ll report back. I have 2 skeins of Hobby Lobby Secret Soft in the colorway French Lilac, so pretty. I really like their Secret Soft brand, the colors are luxurious feel, and the are deep and lovely.

I have made one other item in this color, a cross your heart shawl. It does remind me of French Lilacs in the springtime. I am a yarn snob I suppose. I like what I like, we all have our favorites. Beside Hobby Lobby Secret Soft, and their I love this cotton, I also like Caron Simply Soft.

Cross my Heart Shawl.

Well, I hope to have something to show you the next time you visit. Until then, crochet like there is no tomorrow, and remember the joy is in the making.

Free Mini Fun Size Crochet Snowflake Pattern.

Crochet a fun sized snowflake. This is an itty bitty, stash busting bit of loveliness. Great for on the go, two row repeat and voila you are done. This would make a charming garland for a Christmas Tree, wreath decorations, to hang in the window, displayed in a beautiful vintage crystal bowl filled with shiny garland, use them as embellishments for scarves,hat,stockings, or even sew them together to make a runner. Free Pattern at my Ravelry page.https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/fun-size-snowflake-2

Fun Sized Crochet Snowflake, a little dazzler. Free Pattern can be found

I’ve got a design on my hook

I’m working on the last of the pumpkins for the nursing home, & I have a design on the hook & am writing the pattern as I go.

Here is a little snippet of the design. It is done in Periwinkle ( I just love that name), Hobby Lobby Secret Soft. I hope to be able to share this pattern in the coming week or so. Thanks so much for stopping in.

~The Joy is in the making~

Crochet my friend

Still working on a few more pumpkins for the residents. I have some Orange yarn left and will make about 6 more this week. I made two last night, and today I will finish up the embellishments.

As it always is when I am working on something, I find other somethings for the hook for next project. This time was no different, & an idea popped into my head about a pattern. I’ve got plenty of hook time coming. no complaints.

Designing a pattern doesn’t come even remotely easy for me, sometimes I will get a feeling to make something, but cannot connect it to my hook, in other words it gets lost in the translation. This time the design popped in my head, and I have begun the pattern and so far it seems ok. I’m always amazed at people who pump out patterns so quickly. I wonder if I am over thinking it.

I could make items & sell them, I have an Etsy shoppe, packaging and mailing isn’t my cuppa. Patterns are easy to house and then they are downloaded. I don’t care for craft fairs. I only did one, it just wasn’t for me.

Well, everything is a journey isn’t it? As I always say the “joy is in the making”, and I do get joy from my hook and yarn, that I suppose is the most important thing.

WindRose Doily, window decoration

~ The joy is in the making~

I’m at it again-making pumpkins

I love to crochet pumpkins and I’m at it again. Last year I crochet some pumpkins for the residents where my son works. It cheers their dear hearts. The activity director passes them out as gifts for bingo & raffles, and some to adorn doors and a garland for the activity room.

This year, I made a different kind of beautiful pumpkins. They are stuffed, and I have made a few to smell nice with wax melt shavings, but not for the nursing home.

But they are so cute & happy, I hope they bring joy to someone. What is it about a pumpkin? On a another note, I am just setting up here, so there will housekeeping in progress

~ The joy is always in the making~